Wednesday, February 3, 2010



More then 10 years have passed since Domestic Violence caused me my sight. My husband was a Philadelphia Police Officer. During the darkness I would beg my abuser to stop hitting me, time and time again I would say to him, "one day you will cause me sever damage and it will be irreversible". The afternoon when I experienced my retinal detachment will live with me for the rest of my life. I cried when the doctor's explained to me the out come of my vision. I knew I would never be the same.

I prayed the day my husband left. I promised myself, this would never happen to me again.

In May of 2002, I started dating a Pennsylvania State Trooper; I was so reluctant to date him. I felt many officers of the law were just like my ex husband, I remember so vividly how he would say "don't judge me because of what your husband did to you". On the morning of September 27, 2002 I approached the trooper to discuss how much his behavior towards me was so abusive, which was the worse mistake of my life.

On that horrible, cold, raining day in September 27, 2002, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, I was dating, dragged me with his Police vehicle and left me in the middle of the road bleeding and begging for help.

I was denied any medical treatment by this trooper; I was not taken to a hospital in which I begged to be taken too.

I followed every procedure of the law, I filed for a protection order of ABUSE, and a month later my order was dismissed. Our legal system did not follow there own procedure of the LAW. Nor did they follow their own policies of the law.

Until this very day I am in a horrible legal battle against this Pennsylvania State Trooper. For three years my case resided over a Federal Judge from September 27, 2004 until June 6, 2007. Motion and motion was filed by the trooper's attorney and by the State Attorney's office to dismiss my case. The Judge in federal court motioned the trooper was liable for the horrible injuries I sustained all these years ago. The judge from federal court pushed this case back into the Lancaster, PA Common Courts where the horrible abuse took place.

It has been over two years since my case was last heard. I have waited for years to tell the truth in what happened to me that, horrible morning. I asked time and time again why? Why have I not been given the opportunity to give my deposition? Why am I being ignored by the courts?

I am now waiting to continue forward for discovery. No matter what the outcome of this horrible case may come to, I will never regain my sight the way it was before Domestic Violence surrounded my life.

To the men who caused me to have retinal detachment surgery. I will never be the same person. I am one of the lucky one's. I am here to move forward for justice. There are so many who are not here to speak out!

I believe in me and I believe in our Justice System. I will not give up and I will not allow anyone through our court system to blame me for the horrible abuse I endure by this Pennsylvania State Trooper.

As for my ex husband, you will have to answer to our God because you will never be able to cover up the lies and pain you inflicted into my life. God bless you.

Thank you and God bless America.

With much respect,

Rosa Torres-Sadler

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